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Sphere on Spiral Stairs
Starry Sky

Our vision and how we're realizing it.

We make additive-manufactured aerospace engines that use air-augmentation in a novel way to increase the power and efficiency beyond what was once considered possible.  We believe these design-derived gains in power and efficiency will disrupt the Aerospace Propulsion industry and reduce the cost of placing objects in space.  Our engines have the potential to be the quickest way to transport something to orbit, and also the most cost effective.  Our design-derived gains were only possible through advanced computational fluid dynamics modeling, high power computing and 3D-printing, combined with years of R&D.  The future of flight is with 4th Planet Propulsion solutions.

Our MK-2X engine is the culmination of 5 years of intense R&D.  Thousands of hours worth of parametric modeling and CFD went into the final monolithic engine design.  The technology behind the engine began as an idea in 2018 and today it is a reality, in a circa 200lb engine that will fit on the passenger seat of a car.  The MK2-X heralds a patented exclusive design and is undergoing development testing as we continue to iterate improvements to the power plant.


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